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3 Part Art & Poem Series.
A Be Coded By Colour Series:

Exploring the journey of recoding of self worth.

PART ONE: Allowance Of Love.


"Intrepid heart asks,  
“What have I done wrong” again,  
“For undeserved pain?”.

For you hold onto  
All of these thoughts of hatred  
When I love freely.

Please hear my embrace,
Wrapped in lace of roses bright;  
Just let the love in."



PART ONE - SERIES DESCRIPTION:Self worth is an integral building block to the life we live on planet earth, and it comes when we start to see and acknowledge the COLOURS OF OUR SOUL.


The "colours" are the metaphorical expression of the unique elements that make up the code of our spirits, the crux of who we are as individuals and the special ways in which we interact with life.The journey to loving thy self is one that is done with layers, just like this art was created.


We may find the foundation one day, feel good and think "This is it. I've worked it out. This was all that was needed.", but then, a little while later, perhaps the gun was jumped as insecurities come blazing through.


One must be creative (orange) when in the thick of negative self talk, limiting beliefs and low self worth. What can help to overcome it requires a laser like focus, watching your thoughts (purple) and seeing if you can change them with a heart-based (green and pink) approach.



Limiting belief: I am never going to be able to get to where I want to be, I am not smart enough.

Correction: I am working towards my goals, as I learn the skills I need to get there. One tells yourself you are not worthy or capable of achievement. The other shows that you value and LOVE yourself, and have belief that you can evolve, which is what the soul does. We come to this life to grow, to learn, to be.

The green around the mind is the love you're using to reshape brain structure. Some call this NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programing), I like to put the emotional/spiritual aspect in there as I find it makes it easier to understand. Your cells and all parts of you hear the negative self talk and act accordingly, in forms of illness, un(dis)ease, low mood and energy, but this is not your natural state. The heart is full of unconditional love and can bypass the mind to shift these patterns if you quieten down the chatter long enough for you to hear it. It wants to help you. It can help you. You just need to let the love in.

PART TWO: Growth.

So we analyse those, and reframe that wording through self talk, shift our focus to what we do best and learn that we cannot compare our colours to another's, however this process is almost as hard as the first time we did this.

Then there's another layer, with another inspection of self and series of reprogramming. And then another. And another.

Until we find that although there may be triggers that come up....


"The reflection grew.
Subtle shades of vibrant hue;  
A pure heart once more.

Out said to darkness.  
Once treasured perceived safety  
Thanks for your service.

However, I'm full.  
Luminous me now worthy;  
Of self love I give."


With consistent effort, we see the heart based (green) communication (blue) of positive self talk coming up and shifting those thought patterns (purple-crown) that lead to self love. The colours of our soul get brighter and stronger.

Although there is still a darkness as we realise that it's no easy feat to accomplish in one sitting. But there is the foundation, those synapses are changing, paving new neural pathways that strengthen the muscle of our mind making it easier and easier to train ourselves into seeing the truth; that you are capable of anything, or to change or grow and most importantly you are WORTHY.

This is a process that can be used on a plethora of challenges and belief's and teach us a fraction of our power. If you can change your thoughts about yourself, then you can change thoughts on how you see the world, expanding the potentials of what you can do, be, live, impact your legacy.

We learn that we were CHOOSING to hide away in the dark. Choosing our thoughts. Perhaps they came about from circumstances that were not in your control, however, it was a choice to carry those beliefs with you. And now that you can see that, you can choose a more enlightened way of being.

PART THREE: Fully Recoded.


"Change is upon us,  
No longer times of scarce light,  
Shone on our being.

For I have learnt ways,  
To shift the tides of inner.  
My sea swathed in sun.

And inner stand, you,  
Will bring the luscious relief  
Of a life cherished."

...Our internal rainbow is so large, so powerful, that they instantaneously dissolve the triggers making the job effortless.

I urge you to identify your colours. Allow them to engulf you. Use them to paint your life and love them, (and as a by product) LOVE THY SELF, for you are a unique and incredible individual, no one can be you but you. And no one can love you, fully, until you love yourself.


Everything is now a choice. And everything is alive with growing excitement and potential. You have identified your strengths, worked with your weaknesses and embraced all parts of yourself into becoming a powerhouse of confidence (yellow) and self belief!

Surrounded by the grounded love (pinkish red background), you've harnessed your heart to let your soul breaaaaathe and develop a strong connection with human you, working together to live a life in which you can flourish, smile, laugh, appreciate, accomplish...

Notice the love (green) coming through your words, not only to yourself but to others too, your thoughts, your vision (inner and outer), and self recognition (often connected to the nose).

Congratulations, praise yourself further as this has been a journey. But the real adventure has now only just begun...

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